Mr. Les Lammers from Milton Florida – USA

I set the speakers up about 2 hours ago and although they are new, as is the PHY speaker wire, they sound very good. The timbre and tone of instruments is excellent.
These are going to be ‘you are there’ speakers. Vocals have an uncanny realism. Music has ‘texture’. No bass augmentation is necessary, the bottom end is ‘right’. It’s time to play them until everything ‘settles in’.

The woodwork exceeded my expectations and the crate Hans used was built to survive the real world. Every aspect of dealing with him was pleasurable and first rate.. He knows what he is doing and appears to revel in making speakers and spreading the joy and fun of music

The bass is actually much more realistic than with my tweaked La Scalas and REL sub. They are amazing speakers and cannot, thankfully be found in any ‘Audio Salon’. The drivers have a lifetime warranty and Hans is a PHY dealer in the Netherlands. My sister heard mine about two weeks ago. She thinks I am crazy regarding audio. These speakers made her cry. No kidding. She is as tight as a drum and is planning on buying a pair. She thought they were ‘pretty’ too. Just try to get a female to say that about speakers. Yeah, there are exceptions