Mr. Les Lammers from Milton Florida – USA

I set the speakers up about 2 hours ago and although they are new, as is the PHY speaker wire, they sound very good. The timbre and tone of instruments is excellent. These are going to be 'you are … [Read more...]

Mr. L.P. Pattinasarany from Jakarta – Indonesia

I like the sound of the speakers, this is just the type of speakers I have been looking for (for years). They accomodate perfectly what I have been wanted from a sound system. What a great … [Read more...]

Mr. Robert Hutton from Toronto – Canada

My Auris 2 speakers made by Hans Kortenbach haven't broken in yet, but I have about 30 hours on 'em, and they are incredible so far. The packing was so good it would probably survive Gulf War II. … [Read more...]

Mr. Jovy Estella from Manila – Philippines

My Auris's are not yet close to breaking in, but I can honestly say that these are among the finest speakers I have heard. They are truly musical and a joy to listen to I have not enjoyed my music … [Read more...]

Mr. Kevin Sung from Fremont – USA

Since the speakers arrived, I have set them up with my 300B amp; the first impression is the sound stage is wide, deep, and high, which was exceeded my expectations. After some minor placement … [Read more...]